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An entertaining collection of lifelong musicians with experience in genres ranging from classical to country, from jazz to heavy metal, Total Recall covers high carb classic rock and specializes in tight harmonies and energetic performance - guaranteed to bring out even the most secretive closet dancers.


Mindy  Frank  Paul  Steve  Ted


Mindy Telford – Lead Vocals, Percussion

Holding her own as the band’s sole female artist, (and clearly the most attractive of the crew) Mindy’s energy and charisma infect audiences and all who perform alongside her.  Mindy began performing seriously from the age of five.  Singing in choirs and acting in a myriad of musical productions through her youth, she attended college on full scholarship for vocal performance at Weber State University and Utah State University.  Performing as a soloist and together with several traveling performance groups, she has starred in various productions.   Aside from her continuing vocal stage performance, she spends a significant amount of volunteer time with her church and recently completed her cosmetology license where she was awarded Colorado Student of the Year in 2008. 




Mindy  Frank  Paul  Steve  Ted



Frank Morgan - Drums

Originally from NY where he played the club scene with such groups as White Lighting and Avalanche, Frank moved to Denver with singer song-writer Ron Lasalle in the mid 80’s and started a Bob Seger tribute band called Ron Lasalle and the Twin Bullet Band. The band was very successful, touring most of the continental U.S. and Canada, and cut a “45” (remember vinyl?) with Ron’s original songs. Known as Ron Lasalle and the East Side Rockers when playing original music, the band shared stages with Aerosmith, Dicky Betts, Bachman Turner Overdrive, and Mister Mister.  Frank married back-up vocalist Anki Stribling and has two beautiful daughters, Jade and Aja. They returned to Denver where Frank has played in local groups such as Hired Gun and the Kelly Moon Band. Currently he spends most of his time devoted to family and his music playing in Total Recall as well as recording with Franklin’s Stove and playing at Mountain View Community Christian Church in Highlands Ranch, CO.






Mindy  Frank  Paul  Steve  Ted


Paul Argentiere - Bass, Vocals

NY, FL, CA,  CO - Paul has lived all over with a musical career spanning several decades.  His experience is as varied as the instruments he plays (bass, guitar,piano, flute, and percussion).  The Bassist for Total Recall, Paul was one of the founding members of the famed southern rock groupThe Outlaws and has toured the country with various bands as lead guitarist, lead vocalist and bassist.  The Showmen, The Dimensions, The Senders, The Puddin' Basin Group, Joe Banana & The Fat Cat, The Joe Banana Thing, and The Outlaws, were among the many rock groups Paul has performed with.  “Playing and performing 'feel-good dance-rock' with Total Recall is one of my favorite things" says Paul, who really loves helping to drive the band's music with his punchy, thundering bass.  "We're an exciting group with great songs, dedicated to creating a good time experience for our audiences."





Mindy  Frank  Paul  Steve  Ted


Steve Villalobos – Lead Guitar

As Total Recall’s lead guitarist, Steve blends his meticulous focus on re-creating guitar riffs along with his own personal creativity, resulting in a driving sound and style that beckons audiences to the dance floor.  He has performed in several bands and has a special affinity for classic and progressive rock & roll.  Steve is a devout St. Louis Rams and Los Angeles Lakers fan, for which we forgive him.  He has successfully owned and operated his business, Executive Detail for several years and enjoys spending time with his wife and son. 







Mindy  Frank  Paul  Steve  Ted


Ted Telford – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

As the Total Recall’’s lead singer and founding member, Ted brings nearly 35 years

of musical experience to the stage in genres ranging from classical, to country; from

big band to heavy metal.  He received his technical training in music at Weber State

University and the University of Utah playing various instruments and performing on

stage with Jazz icons Woody Herman and Doc Severinsen.  Following two years of

living overseas in northeastern Brazil and completion of his Master Degree, Ted has

continued to pursue his passion for musical performance, fronting several bands such

as Castle Grass  and Amplitude  based in Seattle WA.  The father of five children, Ted

has a witty easy-going style and enjoys engaging audiences with high energy

entertaining performance.






Mindy  Frank  Paul  Steve  Ted

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